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Pure Info/Rules

Additional info :

Clan LVL : 6
Ch :...
Craft System : Clan craft
Clan Name : 13
Ally : Numbers
QAlly : Allied with Ketra

ATM we are 100% Polish crew but if ya'r intrested in what we can do fell free to post your application. We don't limit ourselves to one nation clan .

Rules :

1.Join to clan = accept rules.
2.Clan hierarchy:
Leader (CL) > Second leader (vCL)  >Members > Academy members
3.Clan leader has a LAST WORD.
4.Clan members should respect all clan members especially Cl,vCl
5. All flame and disrespect aimed into another clan member are forbidden. With all required severe disrespect aimed into CL will be punished.
6.Only cl represent clan outside.Other ppl can talk in clan name,when cl give him right.
7.vCl is responsibile for negotiation with other clans.
8. Every clan member is obligated to act and represent clan in dignify way, in accordance with personal culture, clan statute and CL’s decisions.
9. RB drops and PK drops from clan party are supposed to be clans property, and are obligated to be gathered in CWH.
10. Parts for items A and S grade should be left in CWH.
11. Only persons selected by GTW can have Quests for rec. S grade in Varka (5level ).ALL S grade rec. from Varka quests belongs to clan, and are supposed to be placed in CWH.
12. Every clan member should at least make  one class, defined by cl as helpful support.
13. Every Clan Member is obligated to do at least one low levels char in academy to support clan with CRP.
14. Every Clan Member must be active on every siege and CH siege, every absence should be firstly written on forum or agreed with CL .
15. Mumble is main way of clan communication!
16. Mumble is required during clan events like siege and PVP.
17.On Mumble 1st word on every pvp got CL,Party leaders.
18.On siege time ,talk only about important things.
19.On pvp try use short clearly sentense.
20. Academy members don’t have right to Mumble in special cases (known friend) only GTW may share Mumble pass.




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